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J-Power may close 5 coal-fired power plants by 2030

  • 8 days ago (2024-05-10)
  • David Flin
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Japan’s Electric Power Development (J-Power) has said it may close up to five low-efficient coal-fired power units by the 2030 financial year ending March 2031 as part of its attempts to reduce CO2 emissions.

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J-Power’s objective is to cut emissions by 46 per cent from 2013 levels by 2030, in line with Japan’s national target. It intends to close two 250 MW units at Takasago thermal power station in western Japan and the 500 MW No 1 unit at Matsushima in southern Japan. It also has plans to shut two more units or repurpose them as backup units, including the 700 MW No 3 unit at Takehara in western Japan and the 1000 MW No 1 unit at Matsuura in southern Japan.

To mitigate emissions from its remaining units, J-Power aims to implement various transition measures, including conversion to hydrogen-fuelled generation, blending coal with biomass or ammonia, or adopting carbon capture and storage.

Hitoshi Kanno, President of J-Power, said: “We deemed it necessary to demonstrate to shareholders our strategy for coal-fired power plants on a site-by-site or unit-by-unit basis.”