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Iran wants to use domestic nuclear fuel at Bushehr

  • 4 months ago (2021-12-28)
  • David Flin
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Mohammad Eslami, Director of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organisation , has said that Iran hopes to replace Russian fuel for its Bushehr nuclear power plant with domestic uranium. He said: “We had talks with Rosatom and we hope that as part of our cooperation, based on the plans and contracts we will sign, we will be able to do this and start using Iranian fuel in the reactor in Bushehr.”

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It is not yet clear what the reaction of the USA will be if Iran starts using domestic fuel.

Russia was responsible for taking away the spent fuel. It is not clear that if Iran supplies the fuel that it would still be willing to send the spent fuel to Russia.

Rosatom is currently constructing a second reactor at the Bushehr site and has signed a contract to construct a third. The reactors are due for completion in 2024 and 2026 respectively, with a combined capacity of 2100 MW. Eslami pointed out that construction of these two units is nearly two years behind schedule, and that Iran expects Rosatom to speed up implementation and make compensation for the delay.