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Iran increases national electricity capacity to 85 GW

  • 2 months ago (2021-02-01)
  • David Flin
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Iran has inaugurated a series of new energy projects that take the country’s total electricity generation capacity in the non-renewable sector to over 85 GW. The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani opened the projects in two provinces via video conference. He said that total investment for the 13 projects amounted to nearly $200 million.

EEI Global Electrification Forum
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EEI Global Electrification Forum

The projects include two electricity stations in North Khorassan province in northeastern Iran, and several water and electricity projects in the western Kurdistan province.

Among the launched projects was a steam unit at the 160 MW combined cycle power plant in the city of Shirvan.

During the inauguration ceremony, President Rouhani said that power generation capacity in Iran had increased by a record average of 2.5 GW per year since he took office in 2013.