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GE to supply 7F DLN2.6+ Flex technology to Southern California Public Power Authority

  • 1 year, 3 days ago (2019-08-07)
  • David Flin
Gas 174 North America 836

GE has announced its launch order for the 7F DLN2.6+ Flex upgrade solution with Southern California Public Power Authority’s (SCPPA) Magnolia Power Plant. The upgrade will help the Magnolia plant significantly improve its ramp rate and increase its operational flexibility, with a lower load operation profile to respond faster to the frequent shifts in grid demand due to renewable power fluctuations.

The Magnolia Power Plant is located in Burbank, California, is operated by Burbank Water and Power (BWP), and served the California cities of Anaheim, Burbank, Cerritos, Colton, Glendale, and Pasadena.

The Flex solution combines GE’s DLN2.6+ technology with its Axial Fuel Staging (AFS) technology. The Axial Fuel Staging Combustor is made from additive manufactured components.

GE’s 7F DLN2.6+ Flex upgrade solution normally has approximately 20 percentage points lower turndown capabilities and reduces minimum load fuel burn by up to 25 per cent. For an average 7F power block, this enables annual fuel savings of over $1 million. At Magnolia, the solution is expected to deliver greater benefits by decreasing turndown and emissions by over 25 percentage points. The upgrade will be installed on GE’s 7F.03 unit at Magnolia plant in the first quarter of next year.