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GE Renewable Energy wins 1.48 GW wind power agreement

  • 15 days ago (2021-04-05)
  • David Flin
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GE Renewable Energy has announced that it has been selected to provide onshore wind turbines for the 1485 MW North Central Wind Energy Facilities in Oklahoma, USA. The agreement is for GE to deliver 492 x 2.X-127 and 39 x 2.X-116 wind turbines with varying nameplates and hub heights.

EEI Global Electrification Forum
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EEI Global Electrification Forum

The North Central Wind Energy Facilities is a group of three wind farms in north central Oklahoma being developed by Invenergy . The three wind farms are: the 999 MW Traverse Wind Energy Center; the 287 MW Maverick Wind Energy Center; and the 199 MW Sundance Wind Energy Center. Maverick and Sundance will be completed in 2021 and Traverse in 2022. All three projects will be owned by American Electric Power (AEP) on completion.

GE Energy Financial Services invested in the Traverse project during the construction phase and provided creative structuring to enable financing.

Tim White, CEO, Onshore Americas for GE Renewable Energy, said: “GE Renewable Energy is delighted to be part of this exciting endeavour, which is the largest combined onshore wind project in GE’s history. We have a long partnership with Invenergy and AEP and look forward to working closely with them to help bring a significant amount of affordable, sustainable energy to the region.”