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GE Renewable Energy completes new 500 MW hydropower plant in Turkey

  • 3 years ago (2021-02-09)
  • David Flin
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GE Renewable Energy has successfully completed the Lower Kaleköy hydropower plant at the Lower Kaleköy Dam, located on the Murat River, in Turkey. The three units, each 155 MW vertical Francis turbines, have been connected to the grid and the plant has gone into full commercial operation. GE Renewable Energy Hydro Solutions provided the three turbines, the control system, the balance of plant, and the switchyard for the facility.

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At 500 MW, Lower Kaleköy will be the sixth largest hydropower plant in Turkey developed by the private sector and will be operated by Kalehan Energy .

GE Hydro Solutions built the turbines at its manufacturing facility in Taubate, Brazil. The first unit was completed in May 2020, with units 2 and 3 following in November and December. Gültekin Keles, General Manager at Kalehan Energy Group, said: “Lower Kaleköy is the first of its kind hydropower plant in Turkey with a composite dam body design, comprising a reinforced concrete dam body and an asphalt core embankment dam. In addition, it is the first hybrid power plant in Turkey with 500 MW hydro and 80 MW solar power plant under the same license.”