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GE launches new options for further emission reductions for its LM2500XPRESS gas turbines

  • 1 year, 1 month ago (2023-04-21)
  • David Flin
Gas 377 North America 1001

GE has announced that new options for further emission reductions are available for its LM2500XPRESS gas turbine fleet worldwide following successful installation on gas turbines in Colorado, USA.

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Catalytic Oxidation Reduction (COR) emissions control technologies – an efficient method of controlling CO emissions – were installed for the first time on this turbine fleet at Colorado Spring Utilities ’ Martin Drake Power Plant.

The emissions control technologies installed on the 34 MW LM2500XPRESS units, combined with a DLE combustion system and an oxidation catalyst, will reduce CO emissions down to approximately 6 ppm.

Aman Joshi, General Manager at GE Gas Power’s Aeroderivative Business, said: “This project marks the first installations of COR emissions control technologies on a GE LM2500XPRESS units globally, a further demonstration of our momentum to provide fast, flexible, and now more sustainable power through our aeroderivative gas turbine technology. Power plant operators, like Colorado Spring Utilities, are helping to drive down emissions while not compromising reliability and affordability of electricity for their own customers.”