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GE and IHI sign ammonia gas turbine MOU

  • 18 days ago (2023-01-20)
  • David Flin
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GE Gas Power and IHI have signed an MOU to jointly develop ammonia combustion technologies for heavy duty gas turbines to generate electricity with reduce or near-zero CO2 emissions. The MOU marks a significant milestone following the announcement in June 2021 of the first MOU to carry out an economic assessment on the use of ammonia as a carbon-free fuel for both existing and new gas turbines.

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As part of the latest MOU, both parties will further define a technology roadmap to develop gas turbine technologies by 2030 that will enable GE’s 6F.03, 7F, and 9F gas turbines to fire up to 100 per cent ammonia in a safe and commercially competitive manner, with potential implementation across additional gas turbines in the future.

Scott Strazik, CEO of GE Vernova, said: “GE – as a leader in combustion technologies – will bring its extensive experience and expertise in engineering and manufacturing gas turbine combustors and balance of plant systems. We hope that this collaboration will pave the way for power plant operators to pursue the adoption of carbon-free fuels such as ammonia for power generation in their GE gas turbines and significantly contribute towards lowering carbon emissions in the power sector globally.”