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European Battery Alliance and EIT InnoEnergy launch Business Investment Platform for battery value chain

  • 2 years ago (2019-09-26)
  • David Flin
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EIT InnoEnergy , Europe’s largest sustainable energy innovation engine, announced the launch of the online Business Investment Platform (BIP) for the battery value chain at the European Battery Alliance ’s (EBA) EBA250 stakeholder meeting. This is intended to accelerate transactions between investee and investor. The EBA said that the business size of the European battery value chain would be more than €250 billion annually by 2025.

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The BIP is designed to bridge the gap between financial institutions and businesses, and it will shorten time to investment as well as substantially reduce the associated risk for both parties by facilitating and coaching the businesses. This will enhance the robustness of the investment cases in all areas (technology, team, supply chain, environmental sustainability, off-takers).

The BIP’s network includes public and private financial institutions and more than 300 industrial innovation and academic stakeholders.

Diego Pavia, CEO at EIT InnoEnergy, said: “The future is electric. Batteries are quickly becoming the cornerstone of the energy transition, and €70 billion of front-loaded investment in batteries is required to meet peak European demand by 2023.”