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Entergy plans natural gas/hydrogen plant for Texas

  • 4 months ago (2021-07-30)
  • David Flin
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Entergy Texas has announced that it will submit plans to regulators for a 1215 MW power plant that can use natural gas and hydrogen. Entergy plans to build the plant in Bridge City in southeast Texas.

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Entergy said that the Orange County Advanced Power Station will be fully operational by 2026, if it is approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas. Entergy said that using hydrogen would enable it to generate electricity with zero carbon emissions. Creating a plant with both gas and hydrogen capabilities will assist in the transition period. The new plant will be Entergy’s first capable running fully on hydrogen.

Sallie Rainer, President and CEO of Entergy Texas, said the new project would be a key transition point for the utility, helping to retire older assets nearing the end of their operational life while paving the way for its future. She said: “Southeast Texas is growing, and we have to act now to get ready for that growth. We see change with our residential and industrial customers, but we also have aging infrastructure, with some plants nearing the 60-year mark.”