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EGA and GE sign MOU to cut greenhouse gases in UAE

  • a month ago (2021-11-29)
  • David Flin
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Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), the biggest aluminium producer in the Middle East, and GE have signed an MOU to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at its plants in the UAE.

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The companies said that they plan to develop a roadmap to cut emissions from the GE natural gas turbines by: “Exploring hydrogen as a fuel, as well as carbon capture, utilisation, and storage solutions.”

EGA operates 33 GE natural gas turbines at Jebel Ali and Al Tawalah, with a total combined capacity of 5200 MW. EGA said that electricity generation accounted for a significant proportion of its greenhouse gas emissions.

Last month, the UAE became the first of the Gulf’s petrostates to commit to eliminating CO2 emissions within its borders.