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EDF Energy starts defueling of Dungeness B

  • 5 days ago (2021-06-08)
  • David Flin
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EDF Energy has announced that it is starting the defueling phase of Dungeness B nuclear power station in Kent, Britain with immediate effect.

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The two reactors at the plant have been offline since 2018, due to an extended outage in which EDF has been managing what it describes as a range of “unique, significant, and ongoing technical challenges” not found in other British reactors. It said: “As a result, EDF has taken a decision not to restart the plant but to move it into the defueling stage.”

John Benn, Station Director at Dungeness B, said: “EDF has had to make a hard decision – but it is the right one. It gives our teams, our community, and our business a clear understanding of the future.”

EDF will also decommission four reactors at Hunterston and Hinkley Point by mid-2022.