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ABB and Hynamics collaborate to reduce cost of hydrogen production

  • 1 year, 4 months ago (2023-02-03)
  • David Flin
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ABB and Hynamics have signed an agreement to test the ABB Ability OPTIMAX for Green Hydrogen energy management system (EMS). Hynamics launched the Green Hydrogen EMS in November 2022, and modelling indicates that the OPTIMAX can optimise electricity costs of hydrogen production by up to 16 per cent.

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The companies have agreed to share respective resources to determine the compatibility of their solutions. ABB Ability OPTIMAX for Green Hydrogen EMS has already been deployed at Auxerre, Hynamics’ first production and distribution site in Northern Burgundy, approximately 170 km southeast of Paris. The 1 MW hydrogen station will supply buses and trucks.

The system provides data to help optimise energy consumption levels for the electrolysis process, taking into account factors including: the variability of electricity prices and asset availability, among others.

The scope of the agreement also includes deployment of the cloud for the EMS at the Hynamics operation control centre, with potential performance and reliability tests carried out by EDF R&D in Paris and deployment on additional Hynamics production sites in 2023.

Christelle Rouillé, General Manager of Hynamics, said: “With complementary areas of expertise, the cooperation between ABB and Hynamics will enable us to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen projects on an industrial. The integration of ABB’s power management system is a necessary step to improve the performance of the water electrolysis process and thus optimise the cost of hydrogen production.”